Shacolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine
Since September 2016, the Medical School of the University of Cyprus is located at the Shacolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine along with its clinical laboratories, the anatomy laboratories and the Centre of Molecular Medicine Research. There is an amphitheatre of 350 seats capacity in the building.



New building of the Medical School and Health Sciences “Nicos K. Shacolas” at the New Campus
The design of the new premises of the Medical School at the New Campus is at its final stage. The commencement of the building site is expected in 2020 and the completion of the project in 2023. The new building will be 8.800square metres. Design: Antonio Linan and Antonio Gordon (Seville, Spain). A donation of 9million Euros by the “Foundation of Nicos and Elpida Shacola” will be part of the 15.000.000 (no VAT) budget for the development of this project.